July 13 to July 24, 2020

Caribbean Technology


  • Building Messenger Experiences

A two-week Bootcamp of tutorials, brainstorming and solutions development

Designed for Computer Science Students

Learn directly from Facebook Engineers working on the Messenger Platform

Get real-world developer training and hands-on experience to build Facebook Messenger Experiences for conversational marketing and customer care solutions while preparing for employment. Attend online sessions in real-time via video conference from the comfort of your home or classroom while working with virtual team members to build innovative solutions.

Day 1-4

Technical Deep Dive Tutorials

Day 5

Team Formation and Idea Selection

Day 5-10

Develop, Test and Present Solutions

This event will provide technology students the tools to succeed in a fast paced work environment

Bootcamp Participants will form teams and build impactful solutions

Bootcamp Outcomes for the participating CS Students

* Understand FB Graph API architecture and how to leverage Facebook APIs to enhance your projects.

* Understand how Messenger API works and how-to setup the various dependencies (backend, UX flows, messenger features).

* Understand how to leverage advance Messenger features to differentiate your Messenger bot experience. (NLP, persona API, message tags, etc).

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