Bootcamp Curriculum

Bootcamp Curriculum - 2 Weeks Duration

PREPARATION - Messenger Bot

Ahead of Day 7 for the Technical Presentation: How to turbo-charge your Messenger Bot using AI with

  • Fill out the basic settings:

    • Example: “Scott’s Map App”

    • Contact Email

    • App Icon

    • Business Use = Support my own business

    • Category = Education

PREPARATION - Messenger Chatbot Developement

PREPARATION - Primer on GitHub

The rest below are additional reading links to make things a bit easier.

Additional Reading (GitHub)

Curriculum Outline

Day 1 - Session 1: Introduction to the Messenger Platform

    • Session 1: Introduction to the Messenger Platform

    • What can you do with Messenger APIs and how has the community grown for the past 4 years?

    • Benefits of learning how to build bots

    • Overview of Facebook Graph API

    • Overview of the Messenger Architecture

    • How to scope a use cases/project

Day 1 - Session 2: Basic Ingredients to get started on Messenger

    • Any of your preferred backend language (nodejs, php, hacklang, python, etc)

    • Any backend hosting ex: Heroku, aws, etc

    • REST API calls

    • Understand the concept of webhooks

    • Parse/read JSON response

    • Demo on Original coast clothing deployment

Day 2 - Session 3: Basic Messenger Features

    • Text

    • Quick Replies

    • Persistent Menu

    • Templates

    • How to explore other features

Day 3 - Session 4: Advanced Messenger Features

    • Persona API

    • NLP

    • Messenger policy (24hr + Message tags)

    • Tips on how to build a good messenger experience

Day 4 - Session 5: Messenger Community

    • How to get help

    • General debugging tips

    • Non-coding solutions to deploy a bot

    • Introduce the Global Facebook Online Hackathons and explain how to participate; Devpost Demo

  • Additional Content (delivered in Week 2)

    • Using Github Effectively

    • Business Model Canvas

    • Presentation Skills for Demo Day

    • Chatbots for Conversational Marketing